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Molly Garrett
Womens USA
University of Michigan

“Travis has been helping me train for my USA box lacrosse tryout. The high intensity and high IQ he brings to our sessions has helped me tremendously. In the short time I’ve worked with him, he has elevated not only my skills but my confidence as well. I couldn’t be more grateful to Travis.”

                 -Molly Garrett


Liam Smith 2026

"I've worked with Coach Travis for seven years. I will continue to work with him because of his high IQ, the technical aspect he brings to the game, and the encouragement he brings to every player he trains. Coach Travis has gotten me to my current level, which is among the elite, and I am very excited to continue to level up with him throughout my lacrosse journey." - Liam Smith                    


Caden Dudczak 2027

"I've trained with Coach Travis for seven years. The reason I continue to go to him is because I'm able to tell him what it is I need to work on and he pushes me to higher levels. Coach Travis has been able to turn my weaknesses into strengths by the attention of detail he pays attention to."

               - Caden Dudczak


Jack Stula 2026

"Working with POP Lacrosse has helped my level of play in so many different ways. I’ve worked with Coach Travis for three years and he's helped develop my shot, passing and dodging. What he's helped me the most with is the IQ portion of the game. POP Lacrosse completely changed my view of the game making me a more confident and stronger player." - Jack Stula


Noah Stevens 2026

"What I love about POP lacrosse is the intensity that Coach Travis brings. I learned a lot about the game when training with him, specifically when and what to do in certain situations. I appreciate everything Coach Travis has done for my game."              - Noah Stevens


Kate Mairn 2026
Attack & Midfielder 

"Travis’ knowledge of the game, attention to detail, and drive to be the best you can be is undeniable. I am growing not only my lacrosse abilities, but how to demand and achieve excellence in everything I do."  - Kate Mairn

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 12.00.06 PM.jpeg

Daniel Quinn 2024

"Coach Travis’ training sessions helped me develop into a better/more fundamental lacrosse player. Travis taught me lacrosse concepts I was unaware of, which helped grow my lacrosse IQ."  -Daniel Quinn



Ed Smith

"Travis' focus on technical knowledge, lacrosse IQ, hard work and sportsmanship are what make him such a capable coach and mentor. With Travis' commitment to exceptional lacrosse, our son is now playing for one of the top clubs in the country."  - Ed Smith

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